NeuroAct Communication assists bioscience companies and funding agencies in evaluating drug discovery programmes in neuropharmacology.

  • Take a fresh look at neuroscience research programs from an expert pharmacology perspective.

  • Provide an independent evaluation of drug discovery procedures.

  • Give a detailed assessment on drug candidate dossiers to aid go/no-go decisions.

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Consulting Services

NeuroAct Communication offers professional and independent advice to diverse research institutions at each stage of early CNS drug discovery .

Maximise creativity in drug discovery
  • Advice on drug profiling and mechanistic exploration of CNS agents.

  • Assessment of in vitro and in vivo drug screening procedures and translational pharmacology.

  • Consulting on integration of molecular, neurochemical and behavioural pharmacology strategies.

Aid strategic decision making
  • Assessment of target selection and validation criteria.

  • Expert opinion on candidates for development.

Development-oriented advice
  • Bench-marking of drugs with respect to market competitors.

  • Assessment of product differentiation and target profiles.

  • Advice on building flow charts of pharmacological experiments.

Effective scientific communication
  • Guidance on publication strategy: research reports, posters, symposia.

  • Aid to effective presentation of pharmacological data.


NeuroAct Communication has provided consulting and/or symposium speaking services
to CNS research institutions, including the following: