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03 August 2010 - Adrian to present at ECNP in Amsterdam

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Adrian Newman-Tancredi will be presenting at the ECNP (European College of Neuropsychopharmacology) meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Sunday 29 August 2010.
If you are attending this meeting, why not take the opportunity to meet Adrian and find out more about his work on antipsychotics. Contact.


Symposium Title: Avenues to novel antipsychotics: moving from 'tried and tested' to exploratory strategies.
(Symposium S.03; 09h00-11h00, hall Elicium 1)

Chairmen: Ronan Depoortere (France), René S. Kahn (Netherlands)



  1. Shitij Kapur (UK): The past, present and future role of the dopamine D2 receptor in schizophrenia.

  2. Adrian Newman-Tancredi (France): Searching for an optimised pharmacological cocktail: focus on antipsychotics with combined D2 and serotonin 5-HT1A activity. Watch Webcast

  3. Michael Spedding (France): Brain connectivity modulation by novel antipsychotics: an electrophysiological approach.

  4. Abraham Weizman (Israel): An alternative approach to antipsychotic activity: the metabotropic glutamatergic receptor.

  5. Christian C. Felder (USA): The muscarinic receptor family: potential targets for the treatment of symptoms associated with schizophrenia.