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23 March 2012 - Just published: novel potential antidepressant with 5-HT2C and alpha2 actions

Major depression is a serious central nervous system disorder which the World Health Organization considers will represent the 2nd highest cause of illness-related disability by the year 2020. Current antidepressant treatments acting by inhibition of monoamine neurotransmitter reuptake only partially alleviate symptoms in many patients and there is therefore a need for improved therapeutics to treat this disabling condition. S32212 is a novel potential antidepressant that acts by blocking specific targets (serotonin 5-HT2C and noadrenergic alpha2 receptors) that control neuronal pathways involved in control of mood and cognition. Such a profile of action is anticipated to provide a superior therapeutic profile in the treatment of depressive disorders.

Adrian Newman-Tancredi has extensive experience of drug discovery of novel antidepressants. For more information, Contact.


S32212: a novel 5-HT2C receptor inverse agonist / alpha2 adrenoceptor antagonist and potential antidepressant. 1. A mechanistic characterization.

Millan MJ, Mannoury la Cour C, Chanrion B, Dupuis DS, Di Cara B, Audinot V, Cussac D, Newman-Tancredi A, Kamal M, Boutin JA, Jockers R, Marin P, Bockaert J, Muller O, Dekeyne A, Lavielle G.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 340(3):750-64, 2012.