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23 November 2012 - Lectures and PhD examination at Lyon University

Adrian Newman-Tancredi PhD gave a lecture on the current state of pharmaceutical industry to graduate students and teaching staff at Lyon University (15th November 2012). The lecture focused on the changing landscape of industrial research in a context where many leading antipsychotic and antidepressant medications are reaching the end of their patent protection. The resulting retreat of numerous pharmaceutical companies from CNS-targeted drug discovery poses a challenge, but also opportunities, for future innovation.

Other participants in the half-day session were Prof. Bernard Croisile, a clinical expert in Alzheimer's disease research, and Prof. Luc Zimmer, a specialist in brain imaging techniques with whom Adrian has maintained a long-standing collaboration (see previous news).

A flyer of the Lyon symposium is available here:


Adrian also recently acted as external examiner for a PhD candidate at Lyon University (22nd October 2012). The thesis work was carried out in the laboratory of Prof. Nasser Haddjeri by Cécile Betry who characterized the pharmacological activity of the novel antidepressant, vortioxetine, in a variety of animal models. In particular, her data highlighted the activity of vortioxetine at serotonin re-uptake sites and at 5-HT3 receptors, suggesting a novel mechanism of action for this antidepressant. In the public defence, Ms Betry successfully presented her work and was awarded the doctorate.

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