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13 December 2013 - Adrian to present at Pharmacology 2013 meeting in London

Adrian Newman-Tancredi, PhD, DSc, will be presenting as an invited speaker at the Pharmacology 2013 meeting (formerly the BPS Winter Meeting) in London on Tuesday 17 December. The meeting attracts over 900 scientists each year and covers many aspects of pharmacology from basic to clinical science. The session, organized by the International Society for Serotonin Research, of which Adrian is European Council member, will examine recent discoveries that bring renewed interest in serotonin receptors as promising targets for treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders.


Symposium title: "New insights into serotonin receptor modulation and signalling"
Co-Chairs: Kevin Fone (Uni. Nottingham, UK), Trevor Sharp (Uni. Oxford, UK)

Joël Bockaert (Uni. Montpellier, France):
New insights into 5-HT6 receptors signalling and pathophysiology.

Adrian Newman-Tancredi (Neurolixis, France):
Targeting of pre-and post-synaptic 5-HT1A receptor sub-populations by selective 'biased agonists'.

Nicholas Barnes (Uni. Birmingham, UK):
Tickling the 5-HT3 receptor for therapeutic benefit;
opportunities from allosteric modulation of the 5-HT3 receptor.

Per Svenningsson (Karolinska Inst., Sweden):
5-HT receptor adaptor proteins.

For full details of the Pharmacology 2013 meeting click here.

Adrian has extensive experience of serotonergic pharmacology.
If you are attending the conference, he would be happy to meet and discuss with you: Contact.