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NeuroAct Communication - Newsletter - June 2010


Expertise in Neuropharmacology

It is a pleasure to announce the launch of NeuroAct Communication.
In the current climate of pharmaceutical industry restructuring, there is a need for experienced professionals with a proven track record of drug discovery success.
Adrian Newman-Tancredi Ph.D. is one such professional and is offering his expertise to biotech and lifescience companies and funding agencies. So if you need assistance on neuropharmacology drug discovery programmes
, get in touch!




NeuroAct Communication assists lifescience companies and funding agencies in assessing drug discovery programmes in neuropharmacology.

  • Take a fresh look at neuroscience research programs from an expert pharmacology perspective.

  • Provide an independent evaluation of target selection and validation criteria.

  • Examine product differentiation and target profiles.

  • Give a detailed assessment of development candidates prior to go/no-go decision making.

For more information get in touch.



NeuroAct Communication is an independent consulting service founded by Adrian Newman-Tancredi Ph.D.
Find out more about Adrian in his Executive Profile.




Adrian Newman-Tancredi will be presenting at the ECNP Educational Session on Friday 25 June 2010, during the forthcoming 43rd Meeting of the Polish Psychiatric Association in Poznan.
Presentation title:
"Pharmacology of atypicality of antipsychotic drugs "

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