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[35S]-GTPgammaS autoradiography reveals alpha2 adrenoceptor-mediated G-protein activation in amygdala and lateral septum.

Newman-Tancredi A, Chaput C, Touzard M, Millan MJ.
Neuropharmacology. 2000 Apr 3;39(6):1111-3.

Alpha2-adrenoceptor-mediated G-protein activation was examined by [35S]-GTPgammaS autoradiography. In alpha2-adrenoceptor-rich regions (amygdala, lateral septum), noradrenaline stimulated [35S]-GTPgammaS binding. These actions were abolished by the selective alpha2 antagonist, atipamezole. Conversely, in caudate nucleus, which expresses few alpha2 receptors, noradrenaline-induced stimulation was not inhibited by atipamezole, suggesting that it is not mediated by alpha2-adrenoceptors.